Explore your World with this Hoodie in Oat Milk.  Designed with a recycled zip, kids can open their hoodie at the top or bottom.
Triple Elbow Patches, np-itch outside lables and adjustable waistbands makes adventure so much more fun.
Wide opening neck openings, extra soft organic cotton and zips that open easily either at the top or bottom makes this hoodie an everyday essential no mini-o can do without.

The Hoodie Oat Milk

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Organic Cotton

Spacious sleeve double layered

Wide head opening - layered system


Labels on the outside - no itch

Recycled zip - kids can open it from top &bottom

Loop for keyring


Children love this Hoodie! It's quite oversized so perfect to be worn on top of a Sweater as a Jacket. 

The extraordinary,

Be YOU Little-Os!

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